Witness: The Story of David Smith, Chief Prosecution Witness in the Moors Murders Case - David         Smith, Carol Ann Lee
This is a magnificent book in so many ways. It is not only an extremelly well researched and heart rending story of a man whoose life was destroyed by doing good, but also a fantastic social study of working class Manchester in the 60's. In parts it reads like a thriller, there are so many memorable descritpions but one of the most thought provoking is when David Smith is present in court to give evidence at Chester Assizes...

"Ian and Myra sit together in the dock, so near that I'm convinced I can smell them: her hair lacquer and his aftershave. Their physical presence goes through me like an electrical volt. Ian wears his grey trousers and jacket, with the waistcoat beneath; Myra is in a speckled suit, with a yellow blouse that should soften her face but doesn't. Her hair is white blonde, a candyfloss ball, while Ian is as immaculately groomed as ever. His head is bent, as he speaks softly to Myra and she listens, nodding slowly. Then she turns and her eyes lock on mine."

For anyone interested in true crime and in particular the brutal murders committed by Hindley and Brady this book stands as one of the best ever written.