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I live in Bristol UK horror dark fiction and crime are my books of choice and when not reading I like to run

Black's Creek

Black's Creek - Sam Millar A beautifully written coming of age story by an author who has a lovely touch of combining noir and crime. Young Tom and his friends Brent Fleming and Charlie "Horse-shoe" Cooper are determined that the death of Joey Maxwell will not go unavenged and embark on a course of action that will hopefully bring the real killer to justice. Along the way we meet an eclectic mix of characters from the seductive Mrs Fleming to the fiery and mysterious Devlin and her equally mysterious mum. This is a taut and sharply written story that grabs the readers attention from the opening page and continues to a very satisfactory conclusion. At it's heart this is a tale about love, friendship and family relationship, a great adventure from an author at the top of his game!