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Average disappointing horror story

Sing Me To Sleep: A Ghost Story - Chris Simms

Laura and her somewhat elderly husband Owen have moved from Richmond to a little village outside Manchester so that Owen can pursue his masterly conducting career and leave a rather frail lonely, and previously ill wife at home (well done Owen) The cottage they now live in appears to have questionable links to the previous owners and their son William. Laura feels something or someone is haunting both her and the cottage.... and good old Owen doesn’t give a **ck!


This is a below average horror story that for a limited period is a free download for the kindle (thank goodness it was free) and Chris Simms the author is a much respected crime writer “Outside the White Lines” was an excellent debut. However Sing me to Sleep is a very poor example of a haunted house/haunted community story, I recently read The Moorstone Sickness, and Sweetheart Sweetheart by the brilliant and often disregarded Bernard Taylor (both reviewed by me) They are astounding horror/suspense stories building rhythm and characters slowly and methodically expertly concluding in the most surprising and horrific manner.....I urge you to search out and read rather than waste your time on this inferior story.