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Poorly written instantly forgettable

Shadow on the Sun - Richard Matheson

A rather disappointing read with shallow characters and a storyline that might have been more suited to a young adult’s first foray into the horror genre.


A treaty has been agreed with the Apache Indians and the frontier province of Picture City. Unfortunately no sooner is the treaty signed than the bodies of two mutilated white men is discovered and you can guess who those rootin tootin cowboys want to blame!! Into this mix strolls the Night Doctor a quiet dark stranger/demon with a rather odd deep scar around his neck. The race is on for our hero, and local Indian agent, Billjohn Finlay (named this way because his mum and dad could not decide which name they preferred....yawn...yawn..)  and his trusty sidekick Boutelle to “out” the nasty stranger/demon and bring love and peace to the pretty province of Picture City....can you stand the excitement!!


By anyone’s standards this is a poorly written story. The content is shallow, both the characters and storyline is instantly forgettable and the conclusion very unsatisfactory. I gave the story two stars as I have great respect for the author and I rate “I am legend” as an all time classic. It is such a pity that Richard Matheson has to put his signature to such dross which Shadow on the Sun surely is.....