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Average book nothing more

Last Call - Sean Costello

In The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris a serial killer named Buffalo Bill kidnaps a US senators daughter called Catherine Martin and keeps her hostage in a dry well. In Last Call by Sean Costello a deranged serial killer name "Bobcat" kidnaps young girls keeping them hostage in a well before murdering and disposing of their remains. Is there a similarity between the stories only the reader can make that decision.


Trish loves her mum Sally, she has just purchased her first car, and has been accepted as a veterinary student. She then discovers that her dad Jim, a recovering alcoholic, is alive and Dean an old boyfriend from the past is now back in her life. It's all going so well until one day she attracts the attention of Bobcat and she must hope and pray that Jim and Dean will rescue her. 


This is a very average story I read whilst recovering from a hernia operation and most certainly some of the scenes involving Bobcat made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. His hobby is to remove the teeth from his victims and create attractive jewellery trinkets for the unsuspecting tourists. The style of writing is average and simplistic and the story easy to follow as it plods along to its somewhat inevitable conclusion. I was very disappointed in this book having read on recommendation and will not be reading anymore by the author.