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A nice little tale of a sad relationship

The Winter Box - Tim Waggoner

A short love story under the disguise of horror. What happens when  you question the relationship of the one you thought you would share you life with forever? Todd has grown tired and complacent with Heather and she in her turn does little to try to stop the breakdown of their teenage love. Both have indulged in random pointless affairs and yet both refuse to have a conversation that includes the D word.


When Heather produces an old winter box that contains precious memories from each year they have spent together, strange dreams and happenings occur. The cold, the snow, the illusions all add to a strange and yet enjoyable tale that attempts to mend the cracks in a broken marriage....."It wasn't just him, though. The same thing had happened to Heather, if to a lesser degree, but that was no excuse. Each partner was expected to do his or her share of the heavy lifting in the relationship, and neither of them had done any for a long time, him more so than her."


The story has a surprisingly good and very relevant ending which brings all the strands of this sad tale to a somewhat unexpected but suitable conclusion.