Prank Night - Kristopher Rufty
The quaint little town of Autumn Creek is having a very bad Halloween! Citizens are being killed and mutilated by children dressed in devilish/vampirish clothes....and that's it!! for 300 pages (how did I ever finish) I followed the antics of the children as during "Prank Night" they attempted to annihilate the good citizens. There are no likeable characters here, there is no story of any note here, this is not classic is not gory is not literate is not intelligent horror (in fact it is an insult to my intelligence)I can honestly say this is the worst story I have ever read on the kindle (yes even worse than Night of the Nazi Zombies)I am frankly astounded by the number of 5 star reviews and wish I had never downloaded and wasted my hard earned cash!! I will never read anything by this author again....However for those of you who would like to see and understand just how a good intelligent, witty, memorable Halloween story is written I recommend Jonathan Mayberry's trilogy based around the evil happenings in the small Pennsylvanian village of Pine Ridge...Ghost Road Blues, Dead Man's Song and Bad Moon Rising...they are truly stunning in terms or character (both good and evil) and story development throughout the three and enjoy and leave Prank Night to the uninitiated horror lovers!