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I live in Bristol UK horror dark fiction and crime are my books of choice and when not reading I like to run

Born To Bleed: A Thriller - Ryan C. Thomas Enjoyable second installment of the Roger Huntington adventures....Roger is one unlucky guy, having escaped Skinny Man in "The Summer I died" he is hoping to live a quiet life in California...not going to happen Rog!! The girl he adores Victoria is captured together with her boyfriend Gabe and both are tortured (Gabe killed, Victoria raped) Roger peruses the villains and in the usual "gore" fest he manages to dispense the baddies and finally rescue the girl...who will of course remain rather traumatized for the rest of her life. This book is a pale reflection of The Summer I died (which was seemingly a coming of age story that moved quickly into horror in the most brutal way) an ok read but nothing really new and exciting to offer the discerning horror lover....lets hope the third outing for Roger gets back to winning ways!