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I live in Bristol UK horror dark fiction and crime are my books of choice and when not reading I like to run

Broken Sigil

Broken Sigil - William Meikle Horrornoir!...great little story I can see where Mr Meikle's inspiration for this short sharp little gem came from! Joe Connors is called to a shooting and the victim is his friend Johnny Provan, killed by a single gunshot. As the story unravels we learn about the sad death of Joe's wife Brenda and the murky past of Johnny Provan...and his involvement into the "world beyond" The story has a great list of characters and uses The Maltese Falcon as a focal point. There is a lovely use of language and a great understanding by Willian Meikle of the workings and use of the short novella. There is an explosive start, a great mid section with the mystifying concierge Madame Girotte, and a most unexpected punchy ending. Broken Sigil is a shot of the hard stuff when you fancy a little knock out drug! read and enjoy :)