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The Hostage (Sarah Roberts Series Book Four)

The Hostage - Jonas Saul What really annoyed me about this kindle edition of The Hostage was that 77% into the action the story abruptly ends and we are invited to sample the next kindle sensation from Jonas Saul! The Hostage was left with no conclusive ending, Sarah Roberts was incarcerated deep within a concrete stronghold with no visible means of escape. Now I can understand the story concluding in this manner if the story had reached a natural ending but to interupt the action at this early stage was somewhat unfair. The Hostage reads like a B movie, think Bruce Willis in Diehard..but notched up a few degrees :) The continuous and unrelenting action is the main focus and this renders the characters somewhat wooden and shallow but still makes for pleasant and fun reading if escapism is more appealing to you than character develpment or literary intent.